Philosophy and concept

We are passionate about travel and cooking and our philosophy is simple: exploring different cultures through culinary traditions, creating recipes and sharing them with you.

World food

The “Foodtrotter team” is composed of Erik, a businessman with a passion for travel and Asian cuisine, Terence, a promising young chef specialising in world food, and Philippe, an award-winning Swiss chef specialising in French gastronomy. All three have travelled to many countries to discover their traditional culinary cultures. Upon their return, they shared their experiences and created recipes that reflect their passion and their taste for authenticity. Various dishes from around the world are on offer, along with traditional soups and salads garnished with seeds in order to offer your palate some variety.

From Asia to South America via Europe and Africa, we have travelled to many different countries. And we don’t intend to stop now!

Healthy recipes

Our philosophy is based on researching healthy recipes that are good for you.

It all started out with the idea that not having the time to cook should not hold you back from eating healthy. That’s why we are so committed to serving natural meals, with no artificial colours or flavours and no preservatives.

Each meal is steam cooked individually and flash pasteurised to preserve all the taste and nutritional qualities of the ingredients. They can be heated up in minutes in the microwave or in a pan.


Fresh, exotic and healthy - Asian cuisine is very much in vogue. Foodtrotter takes you to Asia for a meal. We have a variety of dishes on offer, from the classics to the most original.


From the classic chili con carne from southern USA to shrimp moqueca from Brazil - discover and enjoy American food with Foodtrotter.


Often less well-known, African cuisine is outstanding for its exoticism and its rich and generous nature. From the Caribbean to North Africa - enjoy its spices and flavours with the Foodtrotter recipes.


European food is known all over the world for its refined and gourmet style. Discover or rediscover the classics of this cuisine with Foodtrotter.